A Ticket to Ride

“Why are all of your past lifetimes so bleak and traumatic?” asks my American Husband.  Yes he has a point.  I suppose that when a person is looking to explore past lives to effect any kind of healing then that person is bound to dig up lifetimes of tragedy and impact.  I had been at the Omega resort for 3 very intense days when I made the conscious decision that I needed a break from all of the drama and trauma.  Reliving lifetimes like this and this had taken a huge emotional toll on me and I was exhausted.  So that Wednesday afternoon when Dr. Weiss took us on a soul journey, I set my intention to deliberately experience a lifetime that was uneventful and just…. happy.

That is when I met Constance Willoughby.  Constance lived in the early 1800’s somewhere in the New England area.  She had a lovely life where there were no wars and no lost children, where everything played out in a most expected way.  She was sheltered and loved, first by her family of origin, and then by her husband and children.  When I decided to write about Constance’s lifetime I focused on her friendship with her maid, Izzy.  It was not a conventional friendship, but it was a deep and abiding one nonetheless.  While this was a normal, ordinary kind of life, it has quiet lessons that have served me well.  Lessons about love, and family, and friendship.

Every lifetime is like a different ride in an amusement park.   Some lifetimes we choose to ride the roller coaster, with all of the dramatic highs and lows, the terrifying drops and those gut wrenching moments when we are turned upside down and don’t know if we will survive.   Other times we choose to sit on the carousel and spin around and around until we either catch that brass ring or we just get dizzy and sick.  And then there are times, like Constance, that we choose to glide gently through the tunnel of love and just truly enjoy the ride.  All of the experiences have their own merits and the great thing is that we have unlimited tickets, so we get to try each and every ride as many times as we like.

And when we get to the end of the ride we arrive back where we started from, hop off  and say “Wow that was FUN!  Let’s go again!”

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