7 – 7 – 7

July 7, 1942 They’ve come.  The young couple hold each other desperately, their infant son, carried in their embrace, sleeps unaware.  She trembles and he leans a hot kiss on her forehead, murmuring that everything will be alright,… Read More


‘As Rosemary is to the Spirit, so Lavender is to the Soul.‘ –  Anonymous Gnarled and spotted thumb draws circles upon the worn linen sachet.  Careful, careful, I remind myself.  The yellowed fabric now so thin the contents… Read More

The Senses Awaken

“Lose your mind and come to your senses.” Frederick Salomon Perls My American Husband and I were long distance friends for about a year before we finally met face to face.  We had been members of an online community of… Read More

Waiting Always

I coax no fish today. There will be a hollow in my stomach as I have run out of brown food and the winter months continue long past the time that spring is meant to appear. It is… Read More

The Sweetest Flower

I stand and stretch, enjoying the feel of the hot sun on my face.  Brushing dirt from my knees and my hands I survey the garden patch of rich brown soil with the barest of green shoots stretching… Read More

Meas Mundus

“I have a gift for you, Wife”.  Gnaeus caresses my yellow hair with his gnarled hand.  I lean into his touch, and smile into his eyes, the only part of him that has not been ravaged by illness…. Read More

A Ticket to Ride

“Why are all of your past lifetimes so bleak and traumatic?” asks my American Husband.  Yes he has a point.  I suppose that when a person is looking to explore past lives to effect any kind of healing… Read More