Do That Thing


Whatever makes your soul sing, inspires you, calls you…. do that thing.  Turn your eyes and thoughts to whatever brings you bliss for that is your calling and soul’s purpose.  Replace the “should’s” with “could” and “can” and “did” and finally begin to live the life you have dreamed for yourself.  This is your own unique journey.  Might as well be true to you.

28 Comments on “Do That Thing

  1. So many people get caught up in buying things to keep up with the Joneses that by the time they realize that they need to be true to themselves, they are too far in debt.


  2. So it seems that “that thing” for me is to return to my music! It’s part of my earliest memories. When I was a kid, from as long as I could ever remember, I would follow my mother downstairs when she had the laundry basket in her hands. Because I knew that she would play the piano. She was a concert pianist/accompanist in Toronto before she moved to B.C.

    She’d load up the clothes in the old wringer washer, and while it was doing its thing, she’d sit at the piano. Mostly without books, and she’d play all the old war songs and sing or harmonize along. Our basement was unfinished and cold, so I’d she’d wrap me in one of the wintercoats that were stored down there, and I’d sit on the concrete ledge and watch.

    I started to learn to play at age four. I remember literally RUNNING home from school so that I could be at the piano until Dad got home. I quit when I was 15 because my Dad wouldn’t pay for lessons anymore because he didn’t like to listen to technical work or classical music, and I needed more practice than just that time after school. Three years later, I left that house.

    Fast forward to 2015, and I’m laid up for weeks on end, with no desire to read, and I am spending hours listening to from Portland. The spark is flickering.


    • How wonderful to have such beautiful memories of the birth of your passion. Music is so evocative for me as well, and certain songs can transport me back in time instantly. Thank you so much for sharing this ❤


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