I Will Remember

My grandfather walking with my mom, circa WWII

My grandfather walking with my mom, circa WWII

I am Canadian.

I have the right to speak freely, worship how I choose, marry whom I choose, and be given equal rights regardless of my ethnicity, religion or gender.

These liberties I do not take for granted, for they have been defended and hard fought by brave men and women who gave their youth, innocence and even their very lives so that I can live without fear or oppression.

Today, and every day, I Remember and I am Thankful.

24 Comments on “I Will Remember

  1. Absolutely perfect. Thank-you so very much for the timely reminder. It’s sad to say that every year I feel like I’m part of a smaller and smaller community of people who I see wearing the poppy in our lapels, collars, or anywhere else for that matter. Thanks again.


  2. I have a special place in my heart for Canada. I lived there and birthed two of my children there. I love Canada.

    I thank all Veterans (including my father and my retired son) for their service and sacrifices. God Bless Them All! 😀


  3. Sorry to dump possibly awkward thoughts on you like this but: I felt such an acute sorrow over the recent events that made headlines from Canada. It made zero sense at all (as this comment does) and it seemed like such an out of place occurrence and it truly seemed like the world had been turned upside down. But, better to focus on positive and commemorate.


    • I understand how easy it is to slip into the shadow and darkness of world events. Bad things happen all over the world, and yes it is difficult to rise above despair when it seems that the world is getting worse and worse. But, (and this is a big HUGE but)… we absolutely need to rise above it. We need to focus on the fact that humans are mostly wonderful, loving and accepting beings who really want to love each other and help each other out. There is far more good in the world than bad. As we focus on the good it will expand and we will be able to be the emissaries of love and light that will help to dispel the shadows. Namaste friend. We are all just walking each other home.


  4. Hey there, another Canadian – YEAH! Your photo reminds me of an old photo of my dad when he was just a toddler, with my grandparents. I love the look of old photos and the fashion of the day.


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