giving up

Today is my birthday.  As celebration (besides eating lots of cake) I have decided to give myself a special gift:  I am giving up.

That’s right.  Giving up.

Don’t bother trying to talk me out of it because my mind is made up.

I’m giving up worrying about what others think of me.

I’m giving up my fear of failure.  And my fear of success.

I’m giving up self-doubt, self-criticism, self-consciousness and anything but self-love.

I’m giving up making excuses.

I’m giving up procrastinating.  Tomorrow.  No, just kidding.  I’m giving up procrastinating right now.

I’m giving up competition, envy and jealousy.

I’m giving up being afraid of what the future might bring.

I’m giving up the regrets I have from my past.

Most of all, I’m giving up all of the barriers I have built between me and the life of my dreams.

By giving up I embrace a life lived with abandon, a life fraught with coulds instead of shoulds, a life  that is finally, truly lived.

Care to join me?


94 Comments on “I’m Giving Up

  1. Happy Birthday sweet lady! I hope your day has been wonderful just like you are. Super things to give up…really good post and I wish you many more birthdays with all the years between them filled with love, happiness, good health and all you need to live comfortably. Thank you for being a blogging friend. Love and hugs!


  2. Happy Birthday. I am so glad I tuned into my WordPress reader. First because I love wishing people Happy Birthday. I have this little fantasy about being a Birthday Fairy who goes around finding people who are alone on their birthday and helps them celebrate. Second because I need to “give up” too. I have made progress, but I’m not fully there – yet. Many more healthy happy swings around the sun. Best Wishes


  3. Happy Birthday! I gave up back in September and you realize when you give up, you gain so much more. I make it a habit to reflect and give up even more every month. Giving up or surrendering helps to really focus in on what is really important in your life now and to focus those things towards the future that you really want.


    • I believe I will try to give up more and more every day. That is a great way of going through life. Letting go of the things that are holding you back. Thank you for sharing this, friend 🙂


  4. Happy Birthday, Brenda. Giving up the things we can’t control is such a liberation. But i sure hope you don’t give up your blog. You always give the gift of a positive take on this wild and precious life.


  5. Amen, truly an awesome attitude. Just go for it and don’t look back.


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  7. Patty, I gave up on my birthday too. I think women finally get to a place where we realize what is important enough to invest our finite time in, and what is not. Happy Birthday Beautiful!


  8. Beautiful list,of course I am joining you in this giving up 🙂 and many happy birthday wishes! May all your dreams come true!


  9. Surely you can delay a bit on the procrastinating …
    Having noted that from birth, I have been stuck with me, I have endeavored to find only the good and make the best of it; who wishes perpetual gloom, imposed by reality and the opinions of others? I must admit though, that despite long effort, my wife has not yet signed on to this …


  10. Perfect! I love it! Welcome to the club!
    I am on the exact same path.
    Thanks for liking my recent post on
    Congrats on giving up! My mantra (one of them) is Let go.
    With love,


  11. I’ve given up too. And then I give up again. The next day I have to GIVE IT UP!! Then the next day I’ve just totally given up. The next day, I’m floating because I have GIVEN UP!! The day after that, I return to giving it up. Now in my mind, I gave up long ago, but the practice of it seems to be just a part of what a day is about. And that’s just okay by me.


  12. This is awesome! I wonder why we carry around all the heavy baggage for so long before we decide we’ve had enough. Each year, I become a little more me, which is great (even with the gray hair and wrinkles I earn to go along with it!)


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