Take Time

Painting by Alisa Wilcher

Painting by Alisa Wilcher

Take time to replenish yourself.  You cannot serve from an empty vessel.

9 Comments on “Take Time

  1. I agree…..if you do not fill up the ‘container’ that is you….then it becomes empty. You can continue to give, but you will definitely feel it. So, do not feel guilty, take time out, lay on the beach….and rest and renew. By doing so, you re-charge and then are ready to begin again….Many Blessings, Barbara xxxx


    • This is a lesson I need more practice in 🙂 I am really good and getting myself overscheduled…. but this weekend I am working on it in earnest. No beach to lay on, but a nice snowy day outside with plenty of girl movies on Netflix ❤


  2. I see the truth of this within, I picture it as a bank account. Without deposits to cover the expenditures I go into the red and living on credit is a game for fools.


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