Angels of Another Kind

When the ones we love leave us for a time and wait on the other side of the veil, I wonder…. If they could come back for a visit, maybe a dozen years long, wrapped up in fur… Read More

Wind Chimes – A guest blog by Erin McDonald

After receiving two very vivid regressions from my brilliant friend, Brenda late last Spring, I discovered that I’m highly suggestible. This was doubly confirmed several weeks later, when while meditating I accidentally regressed myself. I traveled through the… Read More

Apple Blossom Time

“Lord have mercy!  It’s Reverend Hills!”  I take Izzy’s arm and pull her back onto the boardwalk.  “Act naturally!” “That is a challenge with you pushing and pulling me and giggling like you are a school girl doing… Read More


“Buttah bean.  Lawd girl what has got into you?”  Sweet Thomas comes to me and uses the tail of his shirt to dry my face of tears and snot.  The course fabric stings, but in a good way. … Read More