It’s Only Life, Afterall

“How long till my soul gets it right?  Can any human being ever reach the highest light?”  Galileo by the Indigo Girls Time travel is real.   I know because I have done it many, many times.  I need… Read More

The Calling

“Respond to every call that excites your spirit.”  Rumi Dammit dammit dammit!  I missed my flight.  It was a quick connection and the gates were miles apart but I still had believed that the travel angels, who work… Read More

7 – 7 – 7

July 7, 1942 They’ve come.  The young couple hold each other desperately, their infant son, carried in their embrace, sleeps unaware.  She trembles and he leans a hot kiss on her forehead, murmuring that everything will be alright,… Read More

Meas Mundus

“I have a gift for you, Wife”.  Gnaeus caresses my yellow hair with his gnarled hand.  I lean into his touch, and smile into his eyes, the only part of him that has not been ravaged by illness…. Read More

The Witness

Pop. My brain explodes and I am instantly above my body, staring down at the empty shell of a man called Serge.  Killer.  Madman.  Villain.  I am incredibly relieved to be rid of him, and a bit surprised… Read More


“Buttah bean.  Lawd girl what has got into you?”  Sweet Thomas comes to me and uses the tail of his shirt to dry my face of tears and snot.  The course fabric stings, but in a good way. … Read More

The Herald Angel

I was a skeptic.  Not so much about the existence of past lives, but about my own experience with it.  I have a vivid and active imagination so in my mind I firmly believed that I could quite… Read More