A Ticket to Ride

“Why are all of your past lifetimes so bleak and traumatic?” asks my American Husband.  Yes he has a point.  I suppose that when a person is looking to explore past lives to effect any kind of healing… Read More

Apple Blossom Time

“Lord have mercy!  It’s Reverend Hills!”  I take Izzy’s arm and pull her back onto the boardwalk.  “Act naturally!” “That is a challenge with you pushing and pulling me and giggling like you are a school girl doing… Read More

Alexandria- guest blog by Emily

My lungs are burning as I gasp for breath. I need to keep running or they will find me but my body is screaming at me to stop and rest. Thalia told me to meet her in the… Read More

Twenty Two

Door knocks. It is Sonja.  She has brought my evening meal.  I finish rubbing oil into the barrel of my FN 1910 and put it into the drawer of the side table.  I wipe excess grease on my… Read More

I Am

I run as quickly and quietly as I can.  My feet are wrapped in soft worn hide and I barely make a sound as I skirt the elders who sit around the center fire.  My hands cover my… Read More

Let your soul and spirit fly….

Two guys walk into a bar…. Guy #1:  Do you believe in reincarnation? Guy #2: I don’t now, but I did when I was Napoleon.