No Place Like It

“A forever home…” A prayer, earnestly spoken one morning in the shower.  There’s something about the solitude and warm water that brings a certain clarity of mind and allows for better communication with the Spirit Team.  This particular… Read More

The Empty Chair

The table is set with the finest china and crystal.  My Izzy has outdone herself.  She works diligently to keep our family happy during this holiday season, though in the moments she allows herself to be still she… Read More

The Sweetest Flower

I stand and stretch, enjoying the feel of the hot sun on my face.  Brushing dirt from my knees and my hands I survey the garden patch of rich brown soil with the barest of green shoots stretching… Read More

Apple Blossom Time

“Lord have mercy!  It’s Reverend Hills!”  I take Izzy’s arm and pull her back onto the boardwalk.  “Act naturally!” “That is a challenge with you pushing and pulling me and giggling like you are a school girl doing… Read More