Daily Halo – Wednesday March 4


For Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Go, Go, Go, Go, Go, Go….STOP!!!  Today we are being asked to take a deep breath and relax.  Better yet: Meditate.  Never tried it, you say?  No worries.  Just pop on over here and have a read.  It is much less complicated than you might think it’s going to be.

Mar 4Finding that still, silent place within is extra important right now.  So many energetic shifts and changes have been coming at us in 2015 and March is promising to be no exception.  By getting silent we allow the voice of wisdom, our highest self, the Angelics and the Divine to bring us the guidance we need to ride this wave with courage and with style.  So siesta the heck out of today, for tomorrow we hang ten.  Kowabunga babies!

 Today’s reading is from the Angel Tarot Deck by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine

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Daily Halo – Tuesday March 3


For Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Have you been thinking of finally taking the leap and leaving your day job to begin your dream career?  Funny thing about taking a leap of faith is that sometimes we just have to jump and trust that our wings will unfurl and the winds of change will support us.  The Angels understand that in this human existence we do have bills to pay and mouths to feed, and they bring us this card as a reminder that our source for all things is Divine.

Mar 3While leaving the day job and not looking back might be tempting, the message today is asking us to set some intentions, get clear about what we want and to ask the Angels and the whole Celestial Team for help in making our dreams come true.  Then when we see the signs and synchronicities sent to guide us, we just simply take those baby steps in the right direction.  God and the Angels want us to be happy, so let’s stop fighting them on this.  Let’s open ourselves to receiving the abundance that is our Divine right.

 Today’s reading is from the Angel Feather Oracle Deck by Michael Newton

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Daily Halo – Monday March 2

Encuentra tu propio camino

For Monday, March 2, 2015

I live in the mountains.  When you live in the mountains you know that going for a drive often entails some windy roads where you don’t get to see what is ahead until you round the next corner.  Trusting that the road knows where it is leading you is the only thing to do.

Mar 2Archangel Michael wants us to know that we are on the right road.  It may be long and winding and the destination uncertain, but we are being urged to keep moving forward.  Trust in the signs along the way and if you are scared or feeling like you are lost, ask the Angels for without-a-doubt signs that you are going in the right direction.  It’s all about faith and as another <George> Michael said:  You gotta have faith. 

I feel a kitchen dance party coming on…..!!

 Today’s reading is from the Archangel Michael Oracle Deck by Doreen Virtue

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Past Life Tourist: Remembering Love


I coax no fish today. There will be a hollow in my stomach as I have run out of brown food and the winter months continue long past the time that spring is meant to appear. It is chance and good favor that I still have the keg of strong rice wine half full. The comforting haze helps to hide the pain of hunger and it takes me far away from this barren waste of my life. No wife to warm my ger, no daughter to cook and sing for me. Both gone, one in death, one to warm the furs of her husband’s ger.  She is Least wife of five but still sheltered by the wealth of the warrior husband who chose her. Who took her from me.

She will eat well tonight, and each night. She will never know the pain of being alone, for she is now part of a clan that is full of women who call her sister, and their children who set upon her lap and play with her hair. Her brown eyes are soft and there is no crease upon her brow. At night as I collapse in my stupor beside the dying embers I sometimes hear her voice among the others as it is carried by the wind to my ears. Happy. She is happy.

Nohai came to my dream world again last night. Dancing for me by the light of a fire, she enticed me with her nearness, and left me gutted as she abandoned me once more. How many times has she taken me as I sleep, only to discard me at the light of day?  My body longs to join her in the spirit world, but each day I awake alone, again to face a cruel day.

Cold breath clouds around me.  I feel the stiff frozen hair on my face and wipe it clear with my bare hand.  Taking my stick I break the thin skiff of ice that has formed over my fishing hole.  I see others standing on the field of ice, watching holes, some with tell tale splashes of red in the snow.  They will eat tonight.  As I stare into the blackness of the water I see no fish, no movement.  I will not.

My body craves the burn of wine and I decide to give this day to the fish.  I stretch my eyes across the frozen sea and watch as the sun wanes low in the sky.  Far in the distance there is movement, as if a person walks from the open sea toward me.  My eyes squint and I try to focus.   It is impossible.  Yet she is there.

She walks toward me, the colorful embroidery of her boqtaq unmistakable.  It is Nohai! I begin to walk to her, arms outstretched.  She smiles and I see the familiar red glow of her cheeks, looking so vibrant and alive, not the grey sunken woman I laid in the ground.  The ice thins beneath my feet but I am without fear.  I reach to her and begin to shuffle faster.  Ice crackles and moans and water begins to rise into my steps.

“Batu-dai!  Batu-dai!” My name circles my ears like a black fly.  I swat it away, running toward Nohai.

“Stop Batu-dai!” Many shouts slow my feet and I finally turn toward the sound.  They have gathered at the shore, men and women of the village and they all call to me.  I see Nokaijin, my daughter among them.  She waves her arms at me.

I turn back to Nohai.

She is gone.

I slow my feet to a stop.  I sink within the ice and feel the frigid waters seep.  There is a moan and crack.  The sea intends to claim me.  I turn and slowly walk through the crumbling ice, sinking and soaking so that my skin is numbed with the cold.  I walk faster as the cold brings the return of my senses and begin to stumble and run, ice smashing open behind me to the blackness of the winter sea.

I fall and slip into the sea.  My body sinks below the surface.  I am swallowed by the depths.

I do not rage and fight but simply allow  the weight of my wet furs to pull me downward.  I look above me, following the last bubbles as they escape my nose and mouth and see the far distant light of the sinking winter sun.  I expel my air and wait for Nohai.

Fierce hands grab me and I am dragged up and out of the water.  I am pulled to shore and surrounded by villagers, all speaking at once, shouting orders and instructions.  My son in law carries me to Nokaijin’s ger and my wet clothes are stripped.  Wrapped in fresh furs and set by a warm fire I am joined by the elders who sit with me and smoke.  They do not speak of what has happened.  They speak of great hunts we have led, great battles we have won.  Wisps of smoke curl to the ceiling and escape to the dark night that has fallen.  Warmth returns.   Rich salmon is placed before me and I eat.

Many springs come to follow many winters.  I am beloved Ovog: Grandfather and have a place of honor at my son in law’s fire.  Many fat sons have been delivered of Nokaijin and I teach them the ways of the hunter, of the fisherman. I wait now, on the ice for Tabudai and Jirghadai to join me.  The sun is warm today and already the fish are coaxed to my hole.  I see their shining silver sparkle and dance as they rise to the light.  We will eat well tonight.

My eye is caught by a flash of movement out across the open sea.  I shade against the low winter sun and my eyes find her at long last.  The red of her boqtaq bobs up and down with her steps.  Waiting always, within the happy years I have spent in my daughter’s ger.   Waiting always for her to find me once more.   She has alluded me since that fateful day in the sea, but here she is at last.  She walks to me over open water and waves.  I smile, enchanted to see the rosy fat curve of her smiling cheeks once more.  My breath is filled with light.  Nohai.

My heart shudders once, a thick thud within my chest.   I drop to my knees, reaching toward Nohai.  She is at last in front of me.  Our hands clasp, eyes lock and we are joined , warm and bright as the winter sun.

I quickly shed the tattered coat of this life and rise with Nohai.

Daily Halo – Sunday March 1

Photo by:  Walter Babinski, My American Husband

Photo by: Walter Babinski, My American Husband

For Sunday, March 1, 2015

Time marches on and we experience the highs and lows, the ups and downs of it all.  Change can be frightening but the changes we are facing in our lives right now are destined and were planned long before we were born.  The Amethyst card is all about making this transformation with certainty and confidence, knowing that we are on the right path.

Mar 1The Angels are encouraging us to dream big dreams, embrace the coming changes and be assured that we are ready to leave our chrysalis.  We have been through a lot of tough life lessons and it is the time to spread our wings and fly.  We are guided to clarify our visions for our future, give gratitude for where we are right now, and enjoy the ride that is to come.  The destination is more than worth it.

  Today’s reading is from the Gaia Oracle Cards by Toni Carmine Salerno

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Daily Halo – Saturday Feb 28


For Saturday, February 28, 2015


 February is the shortest month of the year and yet it feels twice as long as any other.  Winter in the great white north has been going on for 16 or 17 months now and we are ready for the sight of something green… and I’m not just talking about the beer on St. Paddy’s day.  But as with all things, we need to understand that there is a reason and a purpose for the bleak seasons in our life and the Angels today bring us the perfect reminder to just let it go and let it flow naturally.
Feb 28We (okay I) just want what we want and we want it now, but like the natural flow of one season to the next, we (yeah… I) just have to let things unfold in the way they are meant to.  Letting go of our (MY) need to control the outcome is the only surefire way of having things happen in the best and fastest way possible.  Listen to the Angels and trust that they are supporting us in our dreams and visions of the perfect future outcome keeping in mind that sometimes they have something even better in store for us than our limited human imaginations can conjure.  So let go of the need to control and just allow the bliss to flow.  Happy Saturday!

 Today’s reading is from the Romance Angels Oracle Deck by Doreen Virtue

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Daily Halo – Friday Feb 27

break free

For Friday, February 27, 2015

 I don’t wanna work.  I just want to bang on the drum all day.

Is it just me or is this not the perfect card for Friday.  It’s been a long week in the salt mines and the weekend is nigh.  Have you been working too hard? The angels are reminding us today that a healthy balance between work and play is essential. When we get out of balance we end up with a whole world of stress related issues, and that is something that we all want to avoid.
ten fireAsk your angels for help in learning to delegate, to ask others for assistance and for healthy boundaries. Learn to say “no” without offering excuses. Take some time today to get out in nature, hug a tree or find some pictures in the clouds. Get out of your head and into your heart. Listen to the whispers of your soul. All is well. You are safe. Just breathe.

 Today’s reading is from the Angel Tarot Deck by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine

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The Dawning of the Aging Aquarian


I slept in this morning.  Well, it was nearly 8 AM when I got up, which for me is sleeping in.  I arose feeling quite self-satisfied with my lazy morning, walked into the bathroom and caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror.  I froze, startled.  WTF?

“Who are you and what have you done with Brenda?”

And then I realized this was really me.  Again, WTF? When did I get so old?  And why do I look so dang tired?  Oh right.  I passed that ½ century mark a couple of years back, which also surprises the heck out of me.

They say that 50 is the new 35.  I have no idea who they are, but I am guessing they must be around my age.  Even though age shouldn’t matter and it’s just a number and all of that logical stuff people (I) spew every day, if they tell me that I can be the new 35 I will eagerly jump on that bandwagon, baby!

You see, I feel like I’m 17 years old. Or maybe 26.  35 at the most.  I still love listening to loud rock and roll and dancing <awkwardly> in my kitchen to the music. I refuse to wear Mom jeans and embrace most new fashions (as long as they don’t involve side boobs, butt cracks or anything that itches).  I am excited by new technology and I strive to learn something new every day.  I love Saturday Night Live and watch it faithfully, though I do PVR it because who can stay up that late anymore?

I may be growing older but I refuse to grow up.  It blows my mind that in 15 years or less I will be thinking about retiring.  I wonder what will happen to the Assisted Living and Care facilities when we 35-year-old 50 somethings begin to show up, refusing to wear polyester or get our hair fashioned into blue helmets.  I wonder if they will play real music in the recreation room, or if the piped in elevator music will still be a thing.  And I wonder if we will ever go gracefully into the aging process.

I doubt it.

I plan to carry on with the exuberance of my youth still clinging to me like a faithful shadow.  Others may see the softening edges and silver threads of age on me, but I will continue to bring my curiosity and wonder to every new day.

And there is a wonderful gift that comes with getting older.  With the earned wisdom and perspective of age I now no longer give a damn what anyone thinks of me.  This is the most liberating thing I’ve ever experienced and I highly recommend it to everyone.

So, if any of you young whippersnappers are reading this, take the advice of this old lady:  Start now.  Let go of the belief that what others think of you matters.  It doesn’t.  Chances are they are so busy thinking about themselves that they don’t have time to think about you at all.  Besides, what they think of you is none of your business.

Last week while viewing the 40th Anniversary SNL special I watched the parade of alumni proudly showing up in their aging authenticity and realized that there is beauty in every stage of our lives. We just need to show up and be who we are, regardless of how long we are in the teeth. Sir Paul still hits those falsetto high notes, Jane Curtin still delivers the best Weekend Update ever, and Betty White is still a sexy beast at the ripe age of 90-something.

I hear that’s the new 50.

Daily Halo – Thursday Feb 26


Huh…  I guess it does grow on trees.

For Thursday, February 26, 2015

SHOW ME THE MONEY!  Lakshmi, the stunning Hindu goddess of prosperity is here to help us to remember to put our focus on the flow and not on the fear. Keep your thoughts and emotions on brilliant prosperity and that is what will come to you now. This is a time of virtually instant manifestation, especially on the financial front, so all of those struggles and worries brought on by past blocks and wrong thinking will now be resolved. YIPEE!!lakshmiAnd if you need a little help controlling those unruly fear thoughts, just call upon Lakshmi to help you change those fears and worries about your finances into abundant flow. Say it with me now: “No fear just flow! No fear just flow!” And so it is.


Today’s reading is from the Ascended Masters Oracle Deck by Doreen Virtue

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Daily Halo – Wednesday Feb 25


For Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Buckle up, have faith and shoot for the stars! You are about to be launched into something spectacular. Super hunky Archangel Michael is letting us know that it is okay to put your trust in the person or situation that you are worried about. While they may have their weaknesses, the intention is good and this is a favorable, even destined partnering for you.
AAIs it a new romance, business partner, BFF or a professional you are considering hiring… have faith that this person will work toward your highest good. And if you have any suspicions, bad feelings or unforgiveness toward them, simply ask your Angels for help in letting it go and healing the situation. Let your fears go and let love in. That is the path you seek.Today’s reading is from the Archangel Michael Oracle Deck by Doreen Virtue

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