Daily Halo – Sat March 21

Image by: Joan Scott

Image by: Joan Scott

For Saturday, March 21, 2015

Take a deep breath and stretch.  Stretch our arms wide and feel the tension build and release. Feel the blessed relief in every muscle.  Now stretch again and this time feel it in your wings.  They may a bit dusty from lack of use, but if we give them a good stretch and shake, they will be good as new.  Which is a good thing because it is time to FLY.

photo 4If we believe in the beauty of our dreams we are sure to soar higher than we can imagine.  But we must beware those who want to clip our budding wings.  The nay-sayers and dream stompers like to keep us in our place, flat on the ground, but baby we were meant to fly!  Making sure we spend time with the ones who want to watch us fly is very important right now.  The others?  We can just wish them well from our lofty heights and sprinkle them with angel dust and fairy poop as we fly by.

This reading is from the Archangel Oracle Deck by Doreen Virtue

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