Daily Halo – Tues March 17


For Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Back when I was single, before I met my American Husband, I decided to conjure a man.  I had studied up on the law of attraction and realized that in order to attract the love of my life I would need a specific list of what I wanted in a man.  Number 1 on my list?  Sense of humor.  I grew up in a house filled with laughter and I knew that more than looks, more than money, more than anything else, I needed somebody in my life who enjoyed a good laugh.  The benevolent Universe provided, and My American Husband makes me laugh every single day.  It is a recipe for joy.

Mar 17Life can seem pretty serious a lot of the time, but finding the humor in our situation is what we are asked to do today.  It’s time to lighten up, remember our playful nature and have a good old fashioned, side hurting, tear streaming belly laugh.  So break out the Monty Python,  watch some Louis CK, or do something outrageous and silly. Do whatever it takes to break through the “adult” in you and find the glorious fun loving child who still knows how to let loose and laugh.

 Today’s reading is from the Archangel Michael Oracle Deck by Doreen Virtue 

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9 Comments on “Daily Halo – Tues March 17

  1. What a lovely post! I’m not a big TV watcher, but I do try to end my day with some type of comedy (Louis CK and John Oliver are two favorites). And I spend my days laughing with my partner, whose apparent life goal is to get me to crack up (and he does it often). Laughter really is the best medicine!


  2. Me too – a sense of humor is so important. Life can get serious on is own. I love that quality in a man, someone who can keep it light on the outside.


  3. Totally agree that a sense of humor is more valuable. Looks change over time, but personality doesn’t. Even after 36 years, my husband and I still tease each other.


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