Daily Halo – Sun March 15


Photo by: My American Husband, Walt Babinski

For Sunday, March 15, 2015

We do it this way because this is the way it’s always been done.  Change is hard.  It’s just easier to keep things the way they are.  Nobody likes a troublemaker. 

These are lies we tell ourselves to keep from moving forward.  When we are urged to make changes, sometimes it is easier just to find excuses.  It is time to take a good, hard look at ourselves and to be honest about things.  Are we stuck in an uneasy situation because we are too afraid to move forward?  Are we standing in our own way?

Mar 15Get still and silent today.  Let go of the thoughts that keep you marching to the same drummer and allow the truth to sink in, ever so gently.  What are we doing to numb ourselves?  What are we doing to keep ourselves from our highest good?  And more important than that… what can we do to get over ourselves?  Being honest with ourselves will open us up to being true to our dreams.  No more excuses!  We can do this thing!


 Today’s reading is from the Daily Guidance from your Angels Oracle Deck by Doreen Virtue


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3 Comments on “Daily Halo – Sun March 15

  1. Great post!!! I have this deck too and I like to let my clients pull one for themselves at the end of a reading. The cards are so beautiful and they have a magical way of cementing the essence of the session too.


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