Daily Halo – Sat March 14

Photo by:  My American Husband, Walt Babinski

Photo by: My American Husband, Walt Babinski

For Saturday, March 14, 2015

  When we are on the right path, and are living our inspiration, forces will pull together every little thing that we need to help us on our way.  As Rumi says so beautifully, “what you seek is seeking you”.  This is the heart of the law of attraction.  We are magnetically drawing to us that which we are resonating with.  Like attracts like, so if we are ebbing low with our energy and emotions, then we will attract to ourselves experiences and people that will resonate with that low energy. 

 Mar 14Happily, knowing this truth, we can do everything in our human power to bring our energy to the level of that which we are hoping to attract.  We want a shiny happy life filled with sparkly happy people, then we should do our best to see the shiny happiness that already exists and to become the sparkly happy person we are hoping to attract.  And once we get there…. WHAMMO!  Things (and people) will show up as if by magic.  Click those heels, Dorothy.   You’ve had the power all along.

 Today’s reading is from the Romance Angels Oracle Deck by Doreen Virtue


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