Daily Halo – Thursday Feb 26


Huh…  I guess it does grow on trees.

For Thursday, February 26, 2015

SHOW ME THE MONEY!  Lakshmi, the stunning Hindu goddess of prosperity is here to help us to remember to put our focus on the flow and not on the fear. Keep your thoughts and emotions on brilliant prosperity and that is what will come to you now. This is a time of virtually instant manifestation, especially on the financial front, so all of those struggles and worries brought on by past blocks and wrong thinking will now be resolved. YIPEE!!lakshmiAnd if you need a little help controlling those unruly fear thoughts, just call upon Lakshmi to help you change those fears and worries about your finances into abundant flow. Say it with me now: “No fear just flow! No fear just flow!” And so it is.


Today’s reading is from the Ascended Masters Oracle Deck by Doreen Virtue

For a personal Reading contact me at pastlifetourist@gmail.com or check out my Service Page

2 Comments on “Daily Halo – Thursday Feb 26

  1. Show me the money! Thanks for this one, Brenda, I love the tree picture. I agree that this is a time of easy manifestation. My life flows with ease and grace and all that i desire comes to me easily and effortlessly! And I’m so glad and so grateful!!!


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