Daily Halo – Tuesday Feb 24


For Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Signs signs, everywhere the signs.  Have you noticed some repetitive thoughts lately? Recurring dreams? Or perhaps you keep hearing the same song over and over in your head.  Sometimes an earworm is just and earworm, but sometimes it’s a message.  Pay attention to everything that happens today because you are being guided somewhere very important right now.  Is it your career?  Relationship? Will you be relocating somewhere? The answers are coming to you now.  And if you want to make it easier just go ahead and ask your Angels to clarify.

Feb 24Adriana shows up when we need to be reminded that the answers we seek are accessible, if we just begin to trust the signs.  One of the surefire ways to hear the messages is to get still and silent, either through meditation or relaxation, and allow your thoughts to slow down.  It is in that space between your thought that you will find the wisdom and answers you are looking for.

Today’s reading is from the Messages From Your Angels Oracle Deck by Doreen Virtue

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6 Comments on “Daily Halo – Tuesday Feb 24

  1. I will ask my angels to clarify. For sure with all the changes and flux. But I don’t think the recurring dream I had this week about Bradley Cooper telling me I was with the wrong guy and belonged with him is from the angels. Unless they’re laughing hysterically:).


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