I’ll Be There For You


 Is there anything more fun and, let’s face it, accurate than a Facebook quiz?

Wait a sec… yeah you’re right.  There are lots of things more fun and accurate.  From predicting the time of our death (April 17, 2048) to letting us know who we were in a past life (Cleopatra) to telling us what kind of tree we are (Pink Dogwood) Facebook quizzes are typically a colossal waste of time and energy.

And yet… sometimes… I just can’t stop myself.

So when I see this quiz that will tell me which character from Friends I am I can’t resist.  I begin the quiz in earnest, answering each new question with as much insight and honesty as I can.  For years I have been convinced that I am Rachel. Carefree career gal who knows her own mind and can make it on her own, Rachel is Mary Tyler Moore for a new generation and I adore her.

I sure hope I’m Rachel!

But then I have to be honest with myself.  There is a whole lot of Monica in me.  A bit OCD with an insecure, awkward and overweight teenage girl living inside, I admit to liking things “just so” and will have trouble falling asleep if they are askew.   Also, I love to cook and get a bit obsessive with the preparation of feasts and such.

I bet I’m Monica.

And then there’s Phoebe.  Who am I kidding?  I channel dead people and believe that cats can communicate with me.  Plus I tend to make up weird song lyrics, mostly about bodily functions.  (I would expand on this, but might lose my PG rating. But seriously, I wrote one that is eerily similar to her classic “Little Black Curly Hair”).

So yeah, for sure.  I must be Phoebe.

When it comes down to it I can tell that I am a mix of all three.  The confidence that I lack as Monica I gain from my inner Rachel who knows I can do anything I set my mind to.  And the Monica in me keeps me organized and cleans my house, taming my inner control freak that really wants to be in charge of everything. Phoebe swoops in and my career path becomes all about Angels and Past Lives and crazy Woo Woo stuff.  Suddenly I am that crazy hippy chick who doesn’t seem so crazy anymore.

Yeah.  I’m Phoebe.

Or Monica.

Maybe Rachel?

I push the button that will finally, inexorably settle the dilemma once and for all: Click here for your results…..


Yeah.  I’m Joey.

Apparently, Brenda doesn’t share food.

 How YOU doin’?

10 Comments on “I’ll Be There For You

  1. I love FB quizzes. I don’t think I’ve taken the Friends one. I have seen though that the quizzes seem to hinge on one question and disregard the rest. I do love Joey…his loyalty, his trust, his optimism and innocence!


  2. Ha! Thank you for such a good laugh! 🙂 I remember seeing Ellen Degeneres take a FB quiz “Which celebrity comedian are you?” (herself being one of the potentials) … after going through all the questions, it declared that Ellen Degeneres was celebrity comedian Chelsea Handler… 😉 love to you, will be following along ❤



    I now know that I have Aladdin’s personality, was a Saint in a past life, should have born French and should move to India.

    All useful stuff to know :p


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