Lessons from the Mountains

Just up the road a bit

Just up the road a bit

I’ve never met a mountain I didn’t love.  Here are a few things living in the mountains has taught me:

  1. The steeper the climb, the better the view.
  2. There are many paths, each equal in its ability to take you to the top.
  3. What you send out will echo back to you.
  4. Looking down on someone else is only useful if you are reaching to help them up.
  5. The view from the top puts a lot of things in perspective.
  6. The climb is always worth it.
  7. They will forever remind you to follow every rainbow, til you find your dream.

Here are a few of my mountains:

fisher Steeples

19 Comments on “Lessons from the Mountains

  1. After the shift I’m planning on coming to Calgary to see John, the man i do the spiritual work with everyday and we are then heading to Banff and Lake Louise, to do some work with AA Mike. I love mountains and hope to ultimately settle in CO, in the Rockies.


    • I love Banff and Lake Louise! Also if you get a chance to drive over the Going To the Sun Road just south of Waterton Parks, do it! You will not believe how close you feel to Heaven there 🙂


  2. Number 4 is a real show stopper. Reading it, I felt a calm quiet overcome me as I felt the wisdom of that. Great post and keep enjoying those mountains!


  3. I totally agree with you, I love mountains. There are amazing ones to be seen all over the world, love your pics 🙂


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