Do You Believe in Angels?

Angel Wings by yuropa (Aaron Kelley)

Angel Wings by yuropa (Aaron Kelley)

Do you believe in Angels?

According to a recent poll by the Associated Press nearly 77 percent of adults in North America believe that Angels exist.  While angels are non denominational they appear in most of the world’s religions. And stories of Angels existed long before religions such as Judaism and Christianity were formed. Angels, or celestial beings with slightly different labelling show up in Buddhism and Hinduism, Celtic and Norse mythology and in many Shamanistic legends.

Personally, I have met a few Angels of my own.  They have shown up when I needed them the most, sometimes in physical form and sometimes as a whisper in my ears.  The more I have been open to their presence, the more they seem to make their presence known.  It seems that by reaching out to them, they are able to reach back.   And they really want to help us, but only can if we ask them to.  And really, who are we kidding?  Can’t we all use a little help these days? The Angels always seem to bring me just the right words, messages, signs and synchronicities when I need them the most.  And for that I am truly grateful.

If you want a little help connecting with your own angels pop over here to my Services page and see if anything resonates.  I would be honored to help bring you their messages.

And whether you believe in Angels or not, it doesn’t really matter.  Because they believe in you.

9 Comments on “Do You Believe in Angels?

  1. I’ve been talking and listening to other dimensional beings since early childhood. They used to show up as material looking as humans and now I “see” them, on another plane. We have such a “team” working with us, we are never alone:)


    • Right? I am much more aware now, but I do remember lots of instances when I was little that I assumed were just my imagination. And now I know better 🙂 It is such a comfort knowing how much we are all supported, isn’t it?

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      • Very true! In the daily sessions my friend, John, and I are doing, I have had a paper in my hand moved to the back of me to land in a chair, another time writing disappeared and then reappeared on my paper, and I’ve had ET’s I’ve called on fix my host’s vacuum cleaner and my car clicker when I had gotten some dark interference and couldn’t open my car.

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