I was driving home from work one day, stop and go, hurry up and wait and I had found that blissful space between leaving the mad, fast pace of work and before landing in the mad, fast pace of home.  I was just floating along, enjoying some CBC 2 and letting the thoughts and worries of the day evaporate.  I don’t admit this to many people, but I really enjoy a good traffic jam.  Being locked in place makes it impossible to do anything but relax and get into that in-between space of meditation, visualization, daydreaming.

I like travel days for the very same reason.

 And doing dishes.

And folding laundry.    Just me?  Really?

So anyways,  I was sitting there, happily zoning when someone whispered in my ear.  Tingles shot up my spine and all along my scalp.  My breath caught and I half laughed, half gasped.  “Wha..!?”

Again the whisper, words as clear as if spoken aloud:  “I sent you a present.  You will receive it tonight.”  I recognized the voice, a voice I hadn’t heard for several years.  A voice I missed terribly.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am fairly used to hearing from my dead friends and relatives.  Quite often they send me things like feathers, and song lyrics.  Sometimes they make the street lights go on right when I am looking at them.  Sometimes they make hummingbirds fly right up to me and look me in the eye.  I’ve even had them whisper messages to me, but never before had it been so loud and clear.

“Hey there, friend.  I’ve missed you”  I whispered back, then got that weird smiling through tears thing.   For the rest of the crawl home, I wondered what this present might be.

I didn’t have to wait long.  I stopped to pick up the mail and there was indeed a big, exciting package in there, addressed to me.  What could it be?  I didn’t recognize the return address and had not ordered anything.  I got home quickly, dumped my stuff on the floor and grabbed some scissors to open the package.

I slipped my hand inside.  It was a book!  I pulled it out, froze for just a moment, then started laughing nearly hysterically.

It was The First Phone Call From Heaven by Mitch Albom.

WTF?!  The book wasn’t even released yet.  I knew that because I had been eagerly anticipating the publishing date.  And yet here I was holding a copy in my hot little hand.  The jacket was not complete, and had things like “insert Author bio here” and stuff like that, but the pages were full and I could hardly wait to start reading it.

How the heck did my beautiful, deceased friend pull this off?  This was a mind boggling mystery.  A real life, honest to goodness, knock your socks off miracle!   And to this day I have no idea why this book was sent to me, or what forces came together to bring me that precious gift.

What it did was solidify my belief that our deceased friends and loved ones are always with us.  The more we trust their signs and gifts, the more they will work to bring us their messages.  Trusting what we see and hear is the first step to opening those lines of communication.  Once we remove the voice of doubt that tells us this is just coincidence or that our imagination is getting carried away, once we open to the possibilities that this is really something, then we will begin to truly open to the communications.  Our loved ones have been knocking on the door, trying to get our attention.  If we start to pay attention we will be amazed at what we notice.

So when you smell your Grandma’s lavender hand cream, or see that the photograph on the mantel of your deceased relative has moved, or find feathers in the strangest places, or dimes and pennies keep showing up, or even when you get a book about Heaven randomly sent to you for no reason,  smile and say hello.  They are.

25 Comments on “Hello Out There?

  1. Beautiful post…..I”m trying to be more open to signs from those I love….and for the record, I also love travel days, and doing dishes. A true mindfulness experience. I’m not anywhere but there!


  2. Wonderful post…and I can add butterflies and things being turned on and off or seeing them run through the house in a flash. Most I tell of these things think I have lost my mind. Hugs


  3. Just love this post Brenda, so pleased that you have contact. I, too, believe there is help there for us all. It’s just a matter of asking, or being aware.


  4. Love this Brenda. Once I was sitting quietly and out of the clear blue I heard an oh so gentle laugh that was a beautiful woman I knew nearly 30 years ago – clear as a whistle. I do believe ~


  5. I was thinking about my deceased grandparents and uncles today.

    I miss them dearly having lost them at a young age. I often wish I could see them now i’m graduated, grown-up.

    Somehow, I feel you are right though. They are always with us. They laugh through our joy and cry through our pain. And they will be with us for eternity in some way or another.


    • Isn’t it comforting to know that they are never really far away? Though it would be pretty great to have a real, tangible conversation or a hug, wouldn’t it? But then, life is fleeting and eternity lasts forever.

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  6. My favorite uncle, father and others who have gone before me have been sending me blessings left and right the last few months. They have guided me along for years and years now.


  7. Thanks so much for visiting The Dream Well Brenda, it is wonderful to find you! I am exploring synchronicity myself at the moment, and really enjoy discovering other people’s seemingly magical experiences. Thanks for sharing!


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