Wind Chimes – A guest blog by Erin McDonald

After receiving two very vivid regressions from my brilliant friend, Brenda late last Spring, I discovered that I’m highly suggestible. This was doubly confirmed several weeks later, when while meditating I accidentally regressed myself. I traveled through the beautiful Zen garden of my mind and woke up in a courtyard.

It’s raining.

We are warm in bed and I can hear the music of the rain drops against the wind chimes in the courtyard outside our bedroom window.

We are safe and happy.

My husband has long hair. Almost down to his waist. Because he is a warrior, his hair is normally tied back in a braid. But this is peace-time and not war time. This is home-time and not work time.

Our house is the same as all the other houses in our village. The sliding doors are made of paper and they swish as they slide. All the little, red houses are gathered around the dirt courtyard. We are a community. We are a family.

My husband and I have several children. Boys and girls. They are quiet, loving babies who love to climb all over my husband’s broad back. Oftentimes, we all wake together on our mat in a tangle.

It is a happy life.

When I awoke from the life in the courtyard, I could still hear the sound of the wind chimes. It was a relief to have experienced a regression back to a life when I was so contented and safe. Many of my past lives have been filled with strife, murder, dark magic, betrayal. The life I’m currently living has been ripe with lessons as well (but at least I’ve yet to be burned at the stake this time around).

Naturally, I shared this experience with Brenda.

Did you know she’s also a brilliant intuitive?

She said, “He’s coming. You’ll know him by the wind chimes.”

Several weeks later, my best friend’s brother came to town. He and I have known one another for more than twenty years. We’ve leaned on one another in times of difficult. He was in town for work…I invited him to come over and catch up.

As he was leaving that evening, I walked him to my backyard. He gave me a warm hug and backed away and stumbled into the three sets of wind chimes I have hanging on my back patio, sending them chiming away through the night.

I smiled as I thought of what Brenda had said.

We were married three months later

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