The Herald Angel

I was a skeptic.  Not so much about the existence of past lives, but about my own experience with it.  I have a vivid and active imagination so in my mind I firmly believed that I could quite convincingly make stuff up and then believe it to be true.  My first foray into past life adventure was done with a huge edge of “yeah right!” surrounding it.  This is not to say that I had never believed in the unseen or the unprovable.  To the contrary and as you will learn in my future posts, I had some pretty weird shit happening to me during this time.

My first past life adventure began when I finished reading Dr. Brian Weiss’ book “Many Lives Many Masters”.  I was fascinated by the whole thing and wanted to try for myself.  My Dad, the most down to earth no-nonsense guy you will ever meet, had told us many times over the years of his own spontaneous past life memories, so the subject was not new or particularly foreign or forbidden to me.   I found a regression on YouTube, lay down on my bed and let myself be guided.  Turns out I am highly suggestible and was easily and profoundly hypnotised quite quickly.

The day I died as Hark (Herald) Tubbs (read about that here) came to me in flashes of knowing as opposed to technicolor images.  It was as if one second there was nothing and the next there was everything.  I had made it my intention to glean details from the experience: things that I could use to check the validity of this experience.  As open minded as I was trying to be, I knew that my wild and vivid imagination could create some pretty convincing stuff and I wanted validation.

I got names.  Dates.  Places.  Relationships.  I wrote it all down when I awoke and then I began my search.

Google is an amazing tool. Within a couple of hours I had found records online of Herald Tubbs (called Hark by all who knew him), his brother Seth and his younger brother Eli (recorded in the records as E. Tubbs) signing up for the Union Army in 1862.  I then found out that there was a big battle in Jackson the following year which would be the time and date of the brothers deaths according to what I had written down after my regression.  I had memory of a baby sister, Hester and I was able to find marriage records for a Hester Tubbs about 15 years after the battle in Jackson.  Everything I had “remembered” was validated.

It blew my mind.

And it excited me beyond belief.  Hungry for more, I signed up for a week long training seminar with Dr. Brian Weiss at the Omega Institute in Rhinebeck NY.  More on that later.

While it is really cool that I had such a vivid experience my first time out and really amazing that I could validate so much of it, I truly believe that whether these memories are real or are metaphor, past life recall has had a profoundly healing effect in my life.

And WOW has it been fun!

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